Monday, February 7, 2011

The "Group"

If only they allowed a little more spotlight. They would be risking their own good for that of others. So I guess they don't believe in altruism:

So far, I met a guy with a full grill, selling counterfit sunglasses at a starbucks, who had his first kid at 12 years old, and now is in his early 30's with five of them from four mothers. He was paying child support at 15. His youngest, 4, was running around playing with the other AAers and calling them fag. He was pretty well behaved, though.

I also met a French man who used to be a rugby player on the french national team. You'd never have guessed it. He was sitting at the Starbucks doing sudoku and had installed the inventory system for the popular local restaurant whose hat he was wearing. His main job is working as a legal translator. He is married, wears black-framed rectangular glasses, scruffy facial hair. Apparently he was doing like a couple grams a day of powerful painkillers at the peak of his troubles. But a very nice, intelligent, engaging man.

And then the kid I met last night used to be a dealer with a gang affiliation. Now he is an emo kid, with the hoodie, thick glasses, soft voice...a broken arm from rollerskating. But he has apparently raped a man with a broomstick to force him to give up his money stash at a competing growhouse, has been beaten by baseball bats, suffered two broken collarbones and two rhinoplastys. Now he is pining because the girl he loves (who is ill) is seeing another man, and he swears she's going to break it off today and be with him.

Really nice guy.

All of these people are pretty respectful, engaging. On the surface it's very cultish...but it's just such an amazing pitri dish of different personalities and origins, all with very similar outgoing personalities now. They have such passion and integral individuality. I haven't felt this at home since I was an actor, except I can't stand actors, and I love these people.

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