Monday, November 26, 2012

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Serendipity, or why I never got my GED:

College, to me, was being Wednesday Addams at summer camp.  Academia is much the same sort of brainwashing as being sat in a room to watch Disney and Brady Bunch.  $20,000 for what is often no more than a more powerful magnet striking a lesser magnet repeatedly, aligning the lesser magnets to its field.

And surely, if I had such difficulty, those less privileged than I suffered all the more, continue to suffer, and all the more unjustly.  So there is a part of me that will not pick up those tools that when encountered, still set my heart in a vise.  I choose other tools, which I find fairer, and dedicate my life to sharing these tools with anyone and everyone: the tools of the toolmaker.  Learning how to learn for one's own purpose.

A GED is not this.  A GED is trying to force an already hurt person into passable conformity.

Let us learn for the sake of survival and sustenance, let us learn for the joy of learning and experience.  There need be no other reasons.

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