Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kerry Willig

"i would like to share a story with everyone. it was halloween 2003. i met tadd at simons rock. i was dressed like sally from a nightmare before christmas and he was dressed like a cowboy. at that time he had a broken leg from dancing and was wearing a hot pink cast. simons rock gave him a rascal that old people drive around. i picked him up and we went to the co-op parking lot and blazed our selves stupid...hoping we could trick-or-treat around town. well we took a little too much time smoking and had just missed the free candy. so he suggested going to simons rock and trick-or-treating there. drunk and blazed out of our minds, we rode that rascal around..me sitting in the basket...and knocked on almost every dorm room and pissed the shit out of everyone. it was a hoot and holler. that is my favorite memory of tadd and if he was still here today he would continue to tell it. he's one in a million."

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