Monday, February 13, 2012

I am the 100%.

I am the 100%. I believe there are 7 billion of us and nobody is escaping this planet anytime soon. I believe that every single person I have ever met is a good person, so I have no reason to believe anyone is evil.

I have seen the perpetration of evil. Lots of evil things occur every day. Many of them are the actions of individual. I believe even an individual who repeatedly commits evil is a good person. I think it is time we tried to understand a system that allows evil and suffering on a large scale, a system that allows us to ignore the suffering of our fellow man.

I believe in the future. Now is the best possible time to have ever lived. The world is beautiful. I want to understand that beauty. I want to share that beauty, even after I am dead. I know I will never see beauty the same way the other 7 billion do.

I am willing to work hard. I am working hard. I have not been given the tools I deserve. I feel this way about every other person, too. I wish I better understood each of them, and I wish I better knew how to bring them joy. I know we would work together, if we were able to understand each other.

I am willing to blame systems for problems. I am willing to blame ideas for problems. I am willing to blame icons and idols and actions for problems and I will point my finger at evil. I do not blame myself. I do not blame others.

I am not the 99%. I am not the 53%. I am not the 1%. I am a humanist. I will sacrifice, to help mankind live and learn in sustainable contentment. I am the 100%.

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